Author Topic: Glover 2 (Prototype)  (Read 443 times)

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Glover 2 (Prototype)
« on: March 09, 2018, 06:00:56 pm »

Glover 2 (Prototype)

Infinite Max Lives
80288127 00FF
80270697 00FF

Infinite Max Health
8027069B 0006
8027069D 0006
802881CB 0006

Infinite Max Magical Ball Energy
802706A3 00FF
80288313 00FF

Infinite Max Magical Spell Energy
802706A1 00FF
8028826F 00FF

Infinite Max Rank Bonus
802706FD 00FF
802883B7 00FF

Have Spells Rubber Ball
801DA5BC 0006

Have Spells Bowling Ball
801DA5FC 0006

Have Spells Sucker Ball
801DA63C 000E

Have Spells Ball Bearing
801DA67C 0006

Have Spells Yo-Yo
801DA6BC 0016

Have Spells Speed-Up
801DA6FC 000E

Have Spells Teleport
801DA73C 000E

Have Spells Bungee
801DA77C 000E

Have Spells Balloon
801DA7BC 0006

Have Spells Super-Slam
801DA7FC 0016

Have Spells Possess
801DA83C 0006

Have Spells Gauntlet
801DA87C 001E

Have Spells Boxing Glove
801DA8BC 000E

Have Spells Glass Cutter
801DA8FC 000E

Have Spells First Aid
801DA93C 001E

Have Spells Fat Glover
801DA97C 001E

Note: Do not enable any codes until you have spoken to the Cooking Pot and gone out side for the 1st time