Author Topic: Mini Racers (U) (Prototype)  (Read 487 times)

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Mini Racers (U) (Prototype)
« on: March 09, 2018, 06:37:29 pm »

Mini Racers (U) (Prototype)

Infinite Lives Player 1
800827BB 0006

Infinite Turbo  Player 1
80195CF3 00FF

Press R to Come In 1st Player 1
D0093671 0010
801460A3 0000

Note: Do not press this until you have finished the race and came in at whatever position. Then Press R Button to then Come In 1st

Everything Unlocked
8008270F 00FF
8108277A 0FFF

Note: Have All Grand Prix Levels Open And Completed

Regional Class Max Grip
800B2529 003D
800BC529 003D
800C6529 003D

Regional Class Max Motor
800C6481 003D
800BC481 003D
800B2481 003D

Regional Class Max Turbo
800B25D1 003D
800BC5D1 003D
800C65D1 003D

World Challenge Max Grip
800B28B1 003D
800BC8B1 003D
800C68B1 003D

World Challenge Max Motor
800B2809 003D
800BC809 003D
800C6809 003D

World Challenge Max Turbo
800B2959 003D
800BC959 003D
800C6959 003D

World Class Max Grip
800B2861 003D
800BC861 003D
800C6861 003D

World Class Max Motor
800B27B9 003D
800BC7B9 003D
800C67B9 003D

World Class Max Turbo
800B2909 003D
800BC909 003D
800C6909 003D

Note: Do not enable any class codes until you are at the World Class Selection menu. Disbale before restarting.