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Space Invaders (U)
« on: March 09, 2018, 05:16:37 pm »

Space Invaders (U)

Infinite Lives
800B51DD 0063

Infinite Points
810B51E2 FFFF

Infinite Shields
810B51B6 0001

Always Have Rapid Shot
800B51AB 0009

Note: This is a constant fire without a break as long as you keep pressing A

[Unlock All Modes}
80070217 0003

Note: Enable this as soon as you load the game.This Unlocks Classic and Manacle Mode. To get to Classic Mode you pr ess Right on Player 1. To get to Maniacle Mode, go to Options and press Left on Normal Mode. This can be disabled once saved to mempak.

Secondary Weapon Select
800B519F 00??

06 Vertical Burst
0D Horizontal Right
0C Horizontal Left
1A Swarm Missiles
20 Diagonal Burst

Note: B Button Weapon infinite ammo
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