Conker’s Bad Fur Day (U) (Demo) (V_ECTS_Decrypted)

Cheat Name Address Hex Value Hex Address Dec Value Dec
Infinite Health
(Player 1)
800BCFD7 0006 n/a n/a
Infinite 99
(Player 1)
800B9B84 0063 n/a n/a
Infinite Oxygen
(Player 1)
810B3E9A 0000 n/a n/a
Infinite 99999
Cash (Player 1)
810B9B88 270F n/a n/a
Press L
To Levitate
(Player 1)
n/a n/a
Infinite Health
(Player 2)
800B42CE 0006 n/a n/a
Infinite Health
(Player 3)
800B45F2 0006 n/a n/a
Infinite Health
(Player 4)
800B4916 0006 n/a n/a
Infinite Time
(In Multi)
810770DA 8C9E n/a n/a
Start with
Infinite 9
or Bombs
(All Players
All Modes)
800B9B70 0009 n/a n/a

All Cheats created by Gent over at Emucheats Discord

Download all the above cheats in RetroArch format and place into a cheats\Mupen64Plus-Next folder to then navigate to and select for use with the game.

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