Double Dragon V – The Shadow Falls (World)

Cheat Name Address Hex Value Hex Address Dec Value Dec
Max Strength 0164C1 0063 91329 99
Max Defense 0164C3 0063 91331 99
Max Special 0164C5 0063 91333 99
Max Reserve 0164C7 0063 91335 99
Freeze Timer 010921 005A 67873 60
Easy Win:
Against P2
(See Note 1)
016A2F 0000 90799 0
  • Note 1: This makes Player 2 Health very low and after a few blows will die.

All Cheats created by Gent over at Emucheats Discord

Download all the above cheats in RetroArch format and place into a cheats\Virtual Jaguar folder to then navigate to and select for use with the game.

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