Dragon Sword 64 (USA) (Proto) (1999-08-25)

Cheat Name Address Hex Value Hex Address Dec Value Dec
See Option 1
00?? 1326028 ?
0 Cutter
1 Kailan
2 Aisha
3 Grunt
4 Grunt Champion
5 Grunt Ogre
6 Slave
7 Guvner
12 Ratman
13 Numpuk
15 Zombie
Infinite Lives
801A62DF 0063 n/a n/a
Infinite Health811A68E4 4316
Press Z
to Levitate
n/a n/a
Infinite Power
811A76CA 0510 n/a n/a
Infinite Magic
Gauge (Z Button)
811A68F8 42C0 n/a n/a

Option 1:

00 Cutter
01 Kailan
02 Aisha
03 Grunt
04 Grunt Champion
05 Grunt Ogre
06 Slave
07 Guvner
08 Skull
09 Freebooter (Hangs?)
0A Book
0B Draccar (Hangs?)
0C Ratman
0D Numpuk
0E Zombie
0F Hybrid
10 Hybrid Elite
11 Gargoyle
12 Acolyte (Hangs?)
13 Harpy,$14 Skelton
15 EFlower (Hangs?)
16 GSpider
19 Stalker
1B Dodo

Note 1: Not added fully to RetroArch as it needs proper Option and Note Support

All Cheats created by Gent over at Emucheats Discord

Download all the above cheats in RetroArch format and place into a cheats\Mupen64Plus-Next folder to then navigate to and select for use with the game.

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