Trevor McFur In The Crescent Galaxy (World)

Cheat Name Address Hex Value Hex Address Dec Value Dec
Infinite Lives 1FFD2B 0009 2096427 9
Infinite Magnet 1FFDD1 0009 2095825 9
Infinite Tracer 1FFDD3 0009 2095827 9
Infinite Beam 1FFDD5 0009 2095829 9
Infinite Flash 1FFDD7 00092095831 9
Infinite Missiles 1FFDD9 000920958339
Infinite Ring 1FFDDB 00092095835 9
Infinite Bolt 1FFDDD 00092095837 9
Infinite Shield 1FFDE1 00092095839 9
Infinite Cutter 1FFDE3 00092095841 9

All Cheats created by Gent over at Emucheats Discord

Download all the above cheats in RetroArch format and place into a cheats\Virtual Jaguar folder to then navigate to and select for use with the game.

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